Booting a T530 from an external USB disk - how?

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Booting a T530 from an external USB disk - how?

Joerg Bruehe-2
Dear all!

I am running a T530.

Originally, it had come with Windows 7 on the rotating disk, with
traditional partitioning (MBR).
I had done a Ubuntu installation in a LVM setup in addition, shrinking
the Windows partition, so that Windows remained available in case I need it.

Later, I won a SSD drive, exchanged it for the original disk and
installed Linux only (still MBR), because I wanted to have the full size
I put the original disk into a USB case and left it alone.
As that was still not sufficient (I need several VMs for software
tests), I replaced the Ultrabay DVD drive by another disk.
So far, so good.

Now, I want to boot Windows for some Windows-only programs.
I attached the USB case to a USB port (via a powered hub, to protect the
notebook ports in case of trouble), then switched on the case and the
When the BIOS came up, I hit "Enter", then F12 for the boot menu.
But it did not offer the external disk, only the internal SSD and the
Ultrabay drive.

I tried to modify the boot order via the BIOS, moved "USB HDD" up, but
it did not help.

So my questions:
What must I do to make the T530 boot from an external disk connected via
Are there any restrictions regarding the port or an intermediate hub?

Thank you for all your help,
and a Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!


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