Gaps in Thinkwiki - any alternatives? Details for E580?

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Gaps in Thinkwiki - any alternatives? Details for E580?

Joerg Bruehe-2

I'm choosing a notebook for my sister. She will be using Windows, but
that won't prevent me from picking a Thinkpad.

Usage pattern will be office-like: Text, mail, browser, some slides,
photo archive, typesetting music, ... - nothing heavy, no 3D stuff, no
video cut.

According to my local dealer (Berlin, Germany: CeCon), the E series is
the proper choice, they claim the price/performance ratio is better than
for the L series.
So I'm looking at the E580.

I just tried to find more details on Thinkwiki, but it doesn't cover
current E series models (and neither current L series ones).
(It seems to be lacking maintenance.)
Is there any alternative to get details?

Of course I tried the Lenovo page, but I find it hard to use when trying
to compare details. It is too much marketing style, IMHO.
Also, its model list is quite different from what my dealer offers.

Thanks for all hints,

Joerg Bruehe  - persoenliche Aeusserung / speaking only for himself
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