Hibernate on T440s and Debian Stretch

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Hibernate on T440s and Debian Stretch

Carles Pina i Estany-2


I'm using Debian Stretch. I use the sleep function (just closing the
lid or using LXDE sleep menu) without any problems.

I haven't used hibernation for very long time, maybe a year or more. I
can't even remember if I've used it using Debian Stretch.

Using lxde or the console as root and doing:
# systemctl hibernate

What happens:
* Computer seems to go to a hibernation mode
* Then it restarts (BIOS, Grub)
* I can switch it off and restart later: all good, it recovers from

But instead of restarting I'd like it to power off (or hibernate).

Does anyone here had this problem and solved?

Using commands like:
# journalctl -u hibernate.target

I can't see anything suspicious. Clues welcome :)

Thanks very much!

Carles Pina i Estany
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