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Ted Frater-2
Hi All,
  Im going to come in here as Ive followed this thread with interest.
Well , my take on this is as follows, IBM in the past as well as Lenovo
will have had all the tooling made for a production run of any model you
can mention, which they would have put on the shelf should they decide
to continue a model.
  Im a productioin engineer  l/we dont just bin the tooling when we plan
to upgrade!! to a so called new improved product. As well as all the
documentation and lists of outside suppliers for components not made in
house thats on file.

  So for lets take  say Lenovo, there perfectly capable to getting out
the tooling for the keyboards that folk want, as well as getting screens
made by the screen suppliers who also will have the tooling put on a
shelf. So their statement that its going to be too expensive or what
ever just doesnt carry any weight.
  There all perfectly capable of manufacturing for less than they
originally cost..

The same goes for much other electronics , mobile phones are the worst
IF like me youve big hands, and need  primarily a communucation device
by voice and text, that got a week long battery life , a decent keyboard
like the Nokia communicator 9210I, not later models,  you cant buy one.
altho all the hand set makers can make anything they want. However form
follows fashion not function.
  I can afford what i want but if its not there the money stays in my

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