SOLVED: W540 and missing bluetooth

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SOLVED: W540 and missing bluetooth

Dmitry Mikhailov

I'd like to share a bit of my experience.

I'm the happy owner of a Thinkad W540.

I have an OEM Intel 7260 wireless module preinstalled, NGFF/M.2 format.

Recently I've discovered that bluetooth is nowhere to be found. No
rfkill, nothing in 'lsusb'.

I've booted to Windows only to find out that there's no sign of
bluetooth either. Not even in device manager.

I've checked the BIOS. It's enabled.

We all know the 'tape pin 51' trick to enable bluetooth on a miniPCI-e
intel combo wireless/bluetooth device. The trick is it's not miniPCIe,
but NGFF M.2 format.

Solution: tape pins 54 and 56. Source:

Attached: the image with the pins to tape marked.

bcmwifi (46K) Download Attachment