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ThinkPad function keys

Carl Friedberg

On the 4xx series (I do not have X1) you can lock
the function keys. The choice is to have the
default (volume control, brightness, etc) when
you hit a function key. But, you can change this
behavior by pressing the Fn key and the esc
key. A little green LED comes on (position is
either the esc or the Fn, depending on the
model) and then the default is to send the
Fn key codes, so it's a single key to press.

That setting is permanent until you undo
it with the same keystroke sequence.

I like that, but it was hell figuring it out.
This is in your manual, so worth a read...

Carl Friedberg
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On 20 Jun 2017, Uwe Brauer wrote:

> Hi
> I have the opportunity to buy a thinkpad X1 (not sure which generation
> but for sure not the one with the awful keyboard layout). Any things I
> should consider concerning the hardware compatibility with linux, such
> as the graphic card? Anybody has installed Ubuntu on this machine

I got the 2017 model, which runs Debian unstable. As far as I can tell,
everything works out of the box. Very happy with it.

No complaints about the keyboard. And it has a proper row of F1-F12 keys
(which dual-function in combination with the Fn key).

There are tree keys that I don't know what they're supposed to do: the
F9 "Flower", the F12 five-pointed star and there is a key with a
swinging scissor/PrSc key.

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