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Jeffrey L. Taylor-9
For several years I used TWiki to accumulate notes, material, etc. for writing
projects and try to find the structure in the idea.  It's done an adequate
job, but updates and upgrades are always a pain in the anatomy.  I'm wondering
if there is something better and/or easier to install.

I'm running OpenSuSE 13.1 on a T520.  After 40+ years as a programmer, I'm
swapping it with my side gig, writing.  A 1-click install would be ideal.  The
installation directions for TWiki don't quite line up with what I see in the
package.  Playing with packages is not the point.  And maybe a wiki is not the
best tool.  I hope there is a book in this, so at some point I have to have a
linear output of the process, though crosslinks like references and footnotes
will help.

Any suggestions?

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